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Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth Home Page

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Designed for the Twenty-First Century
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Ideas for Forming Small Groups

Several key learning goals can be addressed through the use of small groups during Bible study classes. Students will enjoy Bible study and retain what they learn if they actively participate in reading, interpreting and applying Scripture to their personal lives. Interactive, small-group activities are the keys to solid and interesting study times. Even shy students will read aloud, answer questions or take a part in role- playing if the group is no larger than six people. Varying the make-up of groups will broaden the relationship base within the class by placing individual students with less familiar people.

Normally, young teens operate within fairly consistent and static groupings. A few individuals may flow between two or three sets of friends. Most, however, prefer to stay with their friends. Every young person can and will relate to a wider base of people if the leader sets up non-threatening criteria for dividing the large group into smaller, random sets. Try some of these ideas.

1. Have class members arrange themselves in order of their birthdays or by the first letter of their first name. Count off by the number of groups you want to create. Have all the “ones” in a group, the “twos” in another, etc.

2. Hand out different flavors of gum, colored hard candy, or names of animals. Have everyone join the others with the same flavor, color or name to form a group.

3. Form groups based on which school they attend. Be sure to include a home-school group if you have kids who do not attend a traditional school.

4. Place pictures of classic cars or cool bicycles in different areas of the classroom. Ask the students to gather under the one they like most or least.

5. Divide the class according to clothing or physical characteristics. Everyone having similar slacks or jeans form a group. Other groupings could be based on types of shoes, color of eyes, height, etc.

6. Use the topic of the lesson to suggest groups. Place placards on the wall that indicate some sort of choice that relates to the topic of the lesson. For example, the lesson is on spiritual gifts, place each one in the list on separate pieces of paper and tape them in different areas of the classroom. Ask the students to stand under the one they like or dislike most.

"Defining a Biblical Worldview"

In their January 12, 2004 bi-weekly newsletter, the Barna Research group reported that fewer than 10% of Christians who claim to be born again possess a truly biblical worldview. The research questioned participants about their beliefs concerning such things as morality, the inspiration and accuracy of Scripture, the sinless nature of Jesus, the attributes of God, and salvation by grace. An astonishingly low number of those who identify themselves as evangelical or fundamental Christians do not hold to the clear teaching of God’s Word on these critical areas.

In our recent Unit of Study, NewWineskin Publications addresses this critical situation. We developed a lesson on each of the topics included in the Barna poll. Each study provides the biblical texts and discussion questions needed to discover what the Bible teaches. It takes the students through active learning processes that result in their stating in their own words what the Bible has to say on each topic.

In keeping with the learning philosophy of NWS, these materials involve students in reading, interpreting and applying Scripture to the practical issues and situations they face at home and school.

Biblical World View  Click on this link for more information, the price for this unit of study, or to place an order.

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