Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth designed for the Twenty-First Century
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Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth Home Page

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About Us

We offer quality, doctrinally conservative, and creative lesson materials designed to help young people interpret and apply Scripture to their lives.

Martha Menne, A Christian school Bible teacher with over thirty years experience in ministry with youth, wrote and used New Wineskin Youth Bible Study materials to present the New Wine of the Gospel to today’s teenagers. Finding few resources that involved students in researching and interpreting biblical truth for themselves, she developed individual lessons and entire courses that motivate real kids to discover the high adventure of living in obedient service to the God of creation.

David Menne, Martha's husband, reviews each lesson's content for accuracy, Biblical truth, practical application, and other possible errors.  He is also the website administrator and Martha's encouraging supporter.

Our teaching methods and activities have proven effective to a wide range of age levels, including middle school to adult. New Wineskin materials assume that the Holy Spirit will lead God’s children into truth and that biblical truth will change their lives to conform more and more to the image of Jesus Christ.

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