Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth designed for the Twenty-First Century
Free Bible Studies for Teachers of Youth and a  Free Resource
Units of Study Descriptions for Bible Study Teachers of Youth
Biblical Short Studies
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Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth Home Page

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FREE Bible Studies for Teachers of Youth

All our lessons are downloadable today!

Biblical "Short Studies" for Teachers of Youth

(Just click on the below link to view a set of Short Studies and download them.)

Our short Bible studies are perfect for Sunday School lessons, short devotionals for youth meetings, chapel presentations, or as stand-alone lessons to meet a particular need in your youth group. Each lesson also includes a Student Handout that can be used for taking notes or for group activities.

New Wineskin designed these Bible Short Studies especially for youth to involve today's teenagers in interactive, creative and practical study of God's Word. Youth grow as they study and apply the Bible lessons to their daily lives.

Our Christian youth group activities enable students in Sunday Schools, Christian youth groups, Christian Schools and Christian home schooling to study the Bible through active learning situations that address real-life issues. The youth of today search for hope, help, and heroes that provide real answers to real questions. Through the use of games, role-plays, small group activities, and lively discussions, youth become mentally, emotionally, and physically involved. The practical Bible principles they discover challenge them to experience the high adventure of living in obedient service to the God of creation.

Short Study Lessons  Just click on this link to view and download these Short Studies

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