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Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth designed for the Twenty-First Century
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Bible Studies for Youth Home Page
Bible Studies for Youth Home Page

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FREE Bible Studies for Teachers of Youth

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Biblical "Units of Study" for Teachers of Young People

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Bible study activities by New Wineskin build active learning situations full of interaction and creativity. These Units of Study with their Christian youth activities will excite and inspire your students to apply Bible lessons to their daily lives.

Youth learn best when they are mentally, physically, and emotionally involved in the subject. As youth in Sunday school classes, youth groups, home schooling, and Christian school Bible classes interact with scriptural ideas that apply to the issues in their own lives, they enjoy it more and retain more biblical truth. New Wineskin Bible study lessons feature games, role-plays, small group activities, and lively discussions. Active Bible study methods inspire teenagers to study the Bible with enthusiasm and to live what they learn.

Every lesson includes appropriate background information, a motivational introduction, student-centered learning activities, and student handouts that facilitate study, discussion and application.

Click on one of the below "Unit Titles" to view and download it.

Biblical World View
Our world view is an anchor that enables us to evaluate behaviors, values, morality, and relationships.  Without a solid and effective spiritual compass to guide us, we will succumb to the world view of our society.  We will question the validity of traditional beliefs concerning what is right and wrong.  We will find excuses for the immorality, corruption, and greed displayed in the media and on every level of government and business.  In the end, our society will be dominated by disgusting behaviors and violence.  Can the young people in your youth ministry define the biblical teachings on the identity and nature of God, the inspiration of Scripture and the purpose of man?

God's Plan of Redemption Through History
The Bible is not a comprehensive history textbook. But, it is a selective and accurate record of those people and events which were pivotal in God's Plan of Salvation.  As young people study some key characters in the Old Testament, they will see parallels to the issues and situations they face today.

Making a Defense of the Gospel
In these four lessons on basic apologetics and witnessing, Christian young people will learn facts and strategies that equip them to share their Christian faith. A teenager in your Bible class will be equipped to logically and respectfully challenge the Theory of Evolution. He will also learn facts regarding the precision with which Jesus Christ fulfilled Old Testament Prophecy. Members of your youth group will also prepare and share a personal testimony of salvation.

On the Potter's Wheel: Lessons in Christian Discipleship
In these active Bible lessons, Christian teenagers learn how God, the Master Potter, can take the impure and flawed clay of their lives and transform them into beautiful, useful vessels. Young people are incapable of pleasing God without His help. By accepting God's plan of salvation and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, every member of your Sunday school class or youth group can become what God designed them to be.

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